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Ice Hockey SA

 (South Australian Ice Hockey Association Incorporated)

Annual General Meeting 2014

Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 25th February 2015,

At the Light Hotel, Light Square, 141 Currie Street, Adelaide

Please be there by 7:00pm for the meeting to commence at 7.30pm.


Nominations for vacant positions are to be forwarded, in writing, to the Secretary and received no later than 35 days prior to the AGM (22nd January 2015).


At the 2013 AGM it was discussed that the Junior Convenor and other portfolio directors be given voting rights on matters pertaining only to their portfolio roles. This necessitates the updating of the constitution. Please find attached a copy of the original constitution and a marked up version with the necessary changes. A motion will be put forward at the AGM to adopt the updated constitution.

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