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The Adelaide Redwings Ice Hockey Club and its members are indebted to the following people for their countless hours of volunteering over the many decades since the clubs inception. Each of these life members has committed their time to sitting on the board in an effort to ensure that we continue to be a successful hockey club in every aspect. Without some of these members and their own personal financial contributions through the years it is likely that the club would have folded some time ago. We thank you all for your outstanding and invaluable contributions to the Adelaide Redwings.

William (Bill) Young

Gary Tye

Andrew Tait

Steve Newbound

Graham Newbound

William (Bill) Prentice

Dave Vanschuilenburg

Ken Wouters

Robert Charman

William (Bill) Kemp

Stephen Kilgariff

Chris Tait

Mac Edwards

Peter Boyle

G. Farnden

Shane Heffernan

Steve Schaefer

Steve Meharry

Life Members

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