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Road to Success - A Grade


A Premiership 27 years in the making capped off a strong 2015 campaign for the A Grade but it was only 5 full seasons ago the club was in one of its darkest times it has faced in its 51 years. Coming off a disappointing 2010 season, no one could have forseen what 2011 had in store. Financially the club was struggling, heavily relying on a small number of members such as Chris Tait, Steve Meharry and Graham Newbound to top up the bank account over the years to keep the club going and with no appointed committee members the club had no direction or management.  


The lowest point for the club was still to come when the A grade ended their season winless through 18 games in 2011. The closest the team came to a win was a shootout loss during the first game to the Blackhawks. From this point the club built up through drafting and recruiting to reach the top, we look back to see the formation of the Premiership team.



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