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2018 Season Club Drafts.


The Bantam draft played host to one of its deepest drafts for many years with a total of 12 players selected. While we would have loved to have selected more players through the Bantam draft, we respect the wishes of some players who had their hearts set on joining other clubs. It is our goal to add players for our Clubs extended future and not for a single season. A  number of players joined the clubs of their Fathers or siblings with Connor Smith and Cameron Pope joining their relations at the Falcons. Tyler Boyle joining brother Zach at the Blackhawks and the Jokers picking up goaltender Jeremey Friederich, Daniel Chen and Timothy Benson.


U22/ASL draft ran 20 rounds with the Jokers requiring players to fill out their new B Grade and their reigning premier C Grade teams. Picking last in the drafts didnt stop us acquiring players we sought after. 


We are happy with the players we were able to select through the drafts. We believe these players will help to make our club stronger for the 2018 season and beyond.


The clubs draft results are below.


The 2017 Bantams and Club draft Results

F - Jolyon Oakey (5th overall)


D - Aaron Deare (5th overall)   

F - Dylan Francis (15th overall)

F - Grant Targett (100th overall)


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