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After taking a couple seasons off to buy a house, Diana Glass and Sam Bennett will return to the Redwings this season. They both just recently returned from a trip to North America and have been playing inline over the summer, this combination has them both very keen to return to the ice. Diana Glass will start in Senior B to help shake the rust, we hope to have her back in full swing and hopefully moving up in into Senior A and become a big addition to the team. Sam Bennett will start in Senior A; with his speed, hands and experience we hope to have him ready for a move up to Premier.

Joining Bennett in A's will be Dillan Wallace, he's had a couple of seasons off to settle into his new job, living out of home and buying a car. He too is overly keen to get back on the ice and just like Bennett, he has the speed and style of play that will have him knocking on the door of our Premier team.

Whichever team these 3 play in, they'll all be huge additions. We look forward to getting them on the ice.

Stats from their last seasons with the Redwings 

Sam Bennett

2016 B Grade - Games 10 - Goals 7 - Assists 10 - Points 17 - PIMS 0


Diana Glass

2016 B Grade - Games 13 - Goals 4 - Assists 3 - Points 7 - PIMS 0

Dillan Wallace

2015 A Grade- Games 17 - Goals 11 - Assists 21 - 32 Points - PIMS 8

Dillan Wallace in action during the 2015 season.

2018 Roster announcement: Glass, Bennett, Wallace return

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