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In part two of our roster announcements for 2018 we'll meeting the new players coming to our club, that either transferred from another club or returning from a few years off from the sport.

Sean Castellano - Sean has played for the Ravens/Falcons for the past 3 seasons, he's now looking for a change and requested a transfer to the Redwings. He looks set to start in our Senior A side, where he will add depth down the middle with a strong 2-way game. 

John Zappia - Before joining the Red and White he had played Summer C Grade for 5 seasons before taking the last 2 seasons off due to ongoing injury issues. He's now ready to return and will start in our Senior B team, adding knowledge, speed and experience to an already very experienced team.

Paul Gardner -  Originally drafted by the Tigers at the beginning of the 2017 season but due to other commitments, he couldn't take to the ice. The Tigers had to move on without him and couldn't offer him a spot on the roster this season, we are happy to announce he will join our senior C team for the coming season.

Jonnie Eime - After returning to Inline Hockey this summer playing for our Redwings team, Jonnie Eime will switch to ice skates for the winter and also join our Senior C team. Jonnie adds knowledge and strength to out team and once his ice skating strengthens, he will certainly make an impact in the league.

Stats from their last seasons with their respective teams 


Sean Castellano - Falcons

2017 A Grade - Games 14 - Goals 2 - Assists 2 - Points 4 - PIMS 6


Johnny Zappia - 

2015 C Grade (Summer div1) - Games 13 - Goals 9 - Assists 6 - Points 15 - PIMS 0

Paul Gardner - Penguins

2016/17 C Grade (Summer div1)- Games 5 - Goals 1 - Assists 1 - Points 2 - PIMS 4

Jonnie Eime - Summer Inline Redwings

2017 B Grade - Games 12 - Goals 9 - Assists 5 - Points 14 - PIMS 18

Sean Castellano (centre) during his times with the C Grade Penguins

2018 Roster announcement: Transfers and Free Agents

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