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2017 Season Club Drafts.


This years club draft was a little different to those of previous years for the reason that each of the 5 clubs would be drafting players for the newly formed club C Grade. As per usual the Bantam draft was held first. With each of the clubs selecting one player each. A deal between the Falcons (1st overall) and Jokers (5th overall) saw them switch draft positions prior to the Bantam draft. The regular B Grade draft and the C Grade draft were combined as one with clubs to assign their picks to the division of their choice. For privacy and respect to the other clubs we will only be listing our own draft picks at which position they were drafted.


Here at the Redwings we are extremely happy with the players we were able to select through the drafts. We strongly believe we will be the team to beat in the new C Grade league.


The clubs draft results are below.


The 2017 Bantams and Club draft Results

F - Thomas Williams (4th overall)


D - Louis Nikolic (2nd overall)   

G - Russell King (7th overall)

F - Jarred Lowe (12th overall)

F - Lukas Mojsek (17th overall)
F - Josh Hodge (22nd overall)

D - Anthony Kunda  (27th overall)

D - Carl Callichio (32nd overall)

F - David Bianchi (37th overall)

F - Jack Stuivenberg (42nd overall)

D - Jarred Schensher  (47th overall)

F - Chris Lee (52nd overall)

G - Johnny Cousins (57th overall)

F - Darren Kelly (62nd overall)  

D - Tom Baxter (67th overall)

F - Cameron Hapgood (72nd overall)

D - Luke Hallion (77th overall)

F - Craig Meharry (82nd overall - Father son pre-selection)

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