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2019 Season Club Drafts.


With a disappointing finish to the 2018 season for the Premier League and A grade side behind us we looked to forward to the Bantam draft where we had one of our highest picks in a number of seasons. We were thrilled to be able to select defenceman Chris Campbell at pick 3, approved by the IHSA board under the young player policy he has shown that he has tremendous upside. 

Chris flew under our radar a little bit during the first half of the season but gained our attention during his U14's state carnival and whilst playing in the clubs 3 on 3 fundraiser tournament for the Red Tin Warriors. After a couple of discussions with Chris and his father we decided he was going to be our guy. Lacking young Premier League potential defencemen, Chris also fills a huge hole at our club. The Club aims to have Chris play in our A grade side for the majority of the season but may begin in the B grade for a small adjustment to senior hockey. 


Once 17 and of age to play in the Premier division we look forward to Chris competing for a full time spot in the side. 

Strong campaigns for the B and C grade teams saw the club with pick 4 in the ASL draft. With few opening available at the club after retaining many of last years players we drafted on a needs basis only. Once again a defenceman was high on the clubs list.


Selecting 4th overall and having two particular guys of interest we were confident that we would be able to select one of them. Come time to pick we were pleased to have James Gunton available, a smart, smooth skater with good puck handling skills for a player playing the ASL. We believe James has the ability to be one of the better defencemen in the C Grade competition and may even find him self suiting up in the B Grade.

We were looking at calling it a day on the ASL draft with close to capacity numbers on all our sides but it was hard to ignore Michael Boslooper's name, number 1 its unusal and number two we thought it wouldnt be available for selection at pick 8 in the second round. Michael doesnt sit back and try to rely on skill, he works hard with and with out the puck and has good speed. We hope that his grit and work ethic will be the key to our C grade team winning the cup after losing the past two finals. 


Welcome to the Adelaide Redwings! 


The clubs draft results are below.


The full 2019 Bantams and Club draft results can be found here.

D- Chris Campbell (3rd overall)


D - James Gunton (4th overall)   

F - Michael Boslooper (8th overall)


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